The Next Generation of Elite Point Guards

“Point God” was a term coined by the true point god of our era himself; CP3. A point god does everything you need the most important position on you team to do. Shoot, handle, defend, but most importantly, distribute. Every offense starts with the point guard. Another player who dubbed himself as a point god is Ja Morant. He, and a handful of other young point guards have what it takes to rise to the rank of point god.

Ja Morant

Ja is certainly on the fast track to becoming a point god. Anyone who watched his performance in the first round of the 2019 NCAA Tournament. He went for 17 points, 16 assists, and 11 rebounds to lift his underdog Racers over Marquette. What stood out was his complete control of the game and the poster of the tournament. His ability to make the players around him better with his play was off the charts. This is what point gods do. His shot needs to become more consistent and his defensive game could certainly come up but he is as promising of a prospect as any right now.

Trae Young

Trae Young has shown he has what it takes to be one of this games elite court generals. With his deadly pull up game and ability to pass off either hand. He’s a threat from anywhere on the court. With ample options around he, he’s primed to make a jump. He hasn’t shown himself to be an elite defender but he has a bulldog build and can easily round out his game.

Darius Garland

Darius Garland was the number ranked point guard coming out of high school and is the youngest on this list. His coach at Vanderbilt said if he played in his era (the 70’s), he would’ve been the best play maker in the game. Garland was rated as the second best passer after Ja, by the rookies of their class. He has a natural feel for the game and a jumper with no limit which makes the game come to him. His bag makes him a handful to guard, if his finishing and defense become elite as well he’ll be a full fledged point god.

Dejounte Murray

Dejounte Murray has shown a lot of promise when he gets to play. Just this pre-season he had a sequence where he shut down James Harden on one end and blew by him on the next. His size and athleticism make him a different breed. He’s on track to come back from a devestating ACL injury that sidelined him for over a year. Hopefully his diverse arsenal will be back better than ever for a Spurs playoff push.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

Shai is the true heir to the point god throne. The Thunder traded away their two superstars and basically got back Shai, Chris Paul, and a load of draft picks. These were calculated moves. Shai led his team to the playoffs his rookie year. His length, decision making, and ability to be a jack of all trades make him the ideal point guard for any team. CP3 will mentor him and show him the ways of the point god. The Thunder may be in for a down season, but with him at the center of their franchise, they’re in for a bright future.

De’Aaron Fox

Fox had somewhat of a breakout year last year. He lead his Kings to the brink of the playoffs in the Western Conference. He showed he could efficiently run an offense, score, and even bring down boards. He’s one of if not the fastest player in the NBA and has plenty of bounce as well. With a great shooting guard in Buddy Hield and a 1st team rookie in Marvin Bagley, Fox has assets around him to be successful. The Kings need another breakout year from him in order to finally reach the post-season.

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