The Hawks Week 7 NFL Picks

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. My lord was last week a hot start. Though my win loss predictions were terrible, against the spread I did amazing, which is what matters….right? Anyways, in week 6 I went 10 and 3 against the spread. I’m hoping this week I have similar success. With that being said, lets get right into it with my “Easy Money Picks” for week 7.

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LA Rams (-3) @ Atlanta Falcons (+3)

I’m almost shocked on how close this line is. I understand that LA has struggled the last couple of weeks defensively, but so have the Falcons.

The Falcons defense ranks 26th in Yards Allowed PG, as well as 31st (only ahead of the Miami Dolphins) in Points Allowed PG. So yes, the Rams defense has been bad, but my god this Falcons Defense is absolutely atrocious.

Lets not forget the Falcons offense is going to have problems getting Julio Jones the ball, considering the best man coverage DB in the NFL is now a Ram.

The Rams offense is also due for a breakout game. Though Jared Goff has been the staple of inconsistency, he has thrown for over 900 yards in this 3 game losing streak. He just has to stop making terrible reads. Desmond Trufant, the Falcons only good DB has been ruled out for Sunday’s game. So even if Jared Goff (aka. White Jamies) makes some bad reads, the Falcons DBs will be so out of position it won’t even matter.

Also, Todd Gurley is back with something to prove…good luck Falcons fans

PS. Bet the Over

Final Score: Rams 35 : FaLLLLLLcons 21

Arizona Cardinals (+3 1/2) @ New York Giants (-3 1/2)

The battle of the next generation, or so it seems. Since Daniel Jones electrifying start against the Buccaneers, he has thrown 6 INTs to only 3 TDs. He also hasn’t seen as much success outside of the pocket as well. Essentially Danny Dimes has turned into Danny Ducks. His Completion percentage is also sub 60%…

On the other hand, Kyler Murray has been absolutely electric. The Cardinals are 2-3-1 and have really showed up against some of the better teams in the NFL. This is mainly due to Kyler Murray’s success. Murray has 1,664 Passing Yards, a 65% completion percentage, 7 TDs to only 4 INTs. Needless to say, Kylers pretty damn good.

The reason why I highlight the “Rookie Sensations” is because this game is going to be a shoot out. Both defenses rank in the bottom half of the league in Points Allowed Per Game and Yards Allowed Per Game. It’s going to come down to what QB will fold under pressure, and sadly that’s Danny Dimes.

PS. Take the over again…

Final Score: Cardinals 38 : Giants 34

Oakland Raiders (+4 1/4) @ Green bay Packers (-4 1/2)

Gruden is back BABY!

This Raiders team is something special. Not Superbowl run special, but more of a “They Doubted Us” special. The group that Oakland has desperately wants to make the playoffs and prove analysts wrong. I mean hey, who the hell thought the Raiders were going to be 3-2 through 6 weeks?

Anyways, this Raiders team is very average at everything. They can kind of pass, kind of run, kind of rush the passer, kind of play good coverage. These are usually the teams rookie head-coaches struggle against. This isn’t the Dallas Cowboys where you eliminate Ezekiel Elliot and let Dak Prescott beat you. There is no real gameplan that can necessarily stop an average offense. You take one thing away they get the other. Plain and simple. That “elite” Packers Defense is going to end up getting gashed.

Also, Aaron Rodgers has no one to throw to. Marques Valdez-Scantling and Devonte Adams are out against the Raiders. Not looking good Packers fans.

On the other end, the “Football Gods” owe the Packers a loss. No escaping fate.

Final Score: Raiders 24 : Packers 17

Those are my “Easy Money” picks of the week. Lets get into the rest of the slate

Houston Texans (Pick) @ Indianapolis Colts (Pick)

The Texans are coming off of a great win, but I think the streak ends here. They don’t win that game last week if Mahomes doesn’t get injured . Though on paper the Texans defense is good, they really aren’t. They constantly get thrashed on the ground and guess what…Marlon Mack is fully healthy. Another offensive lineman is also out for Houston, and Darius Leonard is fully healthy for the Colts.

Deshaun Watson is going to be harrased all game, the Colts are going to control the pace of the game. That’s how the cookie is going to crumble this time out.

Final Score: Texans 21 : Colts 24

Miami Dolphins (+17) @ Buffalo Bills (-17)

FITZMAGIC IS BACK BABY! The Dolphins offense look rejuvenated last week once Fitz took the helm. The guy can flat out throw the ball. If he’s your starting QB your going to be in position to score. Plus, the Bills defense may not be as good as we all though.

The Bills offense will evidently destroy the sorry excuse of a defense that Miami has. But, I still think a little bit of that Fitzmagic allows Maimi to cover for the 2nd week in a row.

Dolphins Cover, Final Score: Dolphins 21 : Bills 31

Minnesota Vikings (-2) @ Detroit Lions (+2)

“The Football God” owe Detroit this win. Enough said.

Final Score: Vikings 17 : Lions 21

Jacksonville Jaguars (-4) @ Cincinnati Bengals (+4)

Minshew Mania was canceled last weekend, so why not bring it back in Cinci. The Bengals are missing 3 starters in the secondary and 2 on the D-Line. This Jags team needs this win to stay in the playoff hunt, so they get it. The Jags win in blowout fashion

Final Score: Jags 31 : Bungals 14

San Francisco 49ers (-10) @ Washington Redskins (+10)

The 49ers are the 2nd best team in the NFL. The Washington Redskins are the 2nd worst team in the NFL. Seems fair. Case Keenum scrapes two TDs a game from Terry MClaruhin every week, so why not this week. That is why its not a 2 TD Spread. Anyways, 49ers win.

Final Score: 49ers 34 : Redskins 21

N/A Chargers (+2.5) @ Tennessee Titans (-2.5)

The LA Chargers are officially the N/A Chargers until they can pack their stadium with at-least 50% Chargers fans. At least playing at home feels like a road game. Hopefully, Philip Rivers can throw as many TDs as he does kids, instead of INTs. Enough of my corny jokes. The Chargers get back on track to their 4-12 seasons of old, where as the Titans tank for Tua (like the other Hawaiian QB is going to solve their mediocrity)

Final Score: Chargers 24 : Titans 10

Baltimore Ravens (+3) @ Seattle Seahawks (-3)

The Ravens lost to Cleveland, Seattle beat Cleveland, therefor Seattle Beats Baltimore? I think that’s what Algebra taught me. Anyways the Ravens can’t beat good teams. It was the same last year. Nothings changed. Plus they just got Marcus Peters so expect some blown overages. Seattle Wins a slug fest.

Final Score: Ravens 17 : Seahawks 24

New Orleans Saints (+4) @ Chicago Bears (-4)

Some good old fashion defensive football. Both teams are down to their back up QB, and both will have little to no running game. Alvin Kamara is out for the Saints, and though they still have Michael Thomas on the outside the passing game is going to struggle. Kamara keeps defenses honest and sets up the play action, getting Teddy Bridgewater easy targets. Now, Teddy is going to have to win this game on his own. With Khalil Mack in Teddy’s face all day, I don’t think he can. Bears win.

Final Score: Saints 10 : Bears 17

Philidephia Eagles (+2 1/2) @ Dallas Cowboys (-2 1/2)

The Eagles literally don’t have a secondary. I’d rather have my highschool teams DBs be out there than the Eagles DBs currently. Plus Dallas’s receiving core is finally healthy. Basically, Dak is finally going to outplay Carson Wentz…that was painful to write. Cowboys win

Final Score: Eagles 21 : Cowboys 31

New England Patriots (-10 1/2) @ New York Jets (+10 1/2)

This Jets team is not the same Jets team that was 0-4. They have an NFL caliber QB with an elite RB along with a decent receiving core. Plus, the Jets defense hasn’t been terrible. If Darnold was healthy and wasn’t a man whore, the Jets could really be 3-2 going into this game. Instead they faked Vegas into thinking the whole team was bad, not just the Jets medical staff. Considering the Patriots offense has been struggling lately, and the Jets offense is back on track, the Jets cover.

Jets Cover, Final Score: Patriots 24 : Jets 20

Season Record Against Spread: 10-3



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