The Gold Rush is Back

The last time the San Francisco 49ers were in the Super Bowl was 2013, but to be honest, it feels like ages ago. The 49ers lost that game in heart-wrenching fashion, opting to throw the ball four-straight plays instead of giving to Frank Gore (who’s still playing today!). The following season, the 49ers won 12 games, got back to the NFC Championship game and were in a very similar situation — 1st and goal with the game on the line. The 49ers opted to throw again and we all know what happened. Richard Sherman (on the Seahawks at the time) batted down a ball thrown to Michael Crabtree, it was picked off … and game over. Sherman then gave one of the best and weirdest post-game interviews ever, calling out the 49ers “sorry” receiver as the Seahawks went on to win the Super Bowl, while the 49ers had their 2nd straight season of goal-line heartbreak. The 49ers went 8-8 in 2014, missed the playoffs, and fired their head coach Jim Harbaugh … essentially ending the small run of good football in the bay area.

Since firing Harbaugh, the 49ers have gone 17-47 in four seasons, finishing last in the NFC West in three out of four years. When you hear the name “San Francisco 49ers”, you think of Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Steve Young, and Super Bowls. However if you were born after 1995, you only know those names from YouTube and NFL Films. Even before Harbaugh, the 49ers were a bad football team. From 2003-2010, the 49ers were 34-82 … and even if you aren’t a math scholar, that’s not good. The NFL is better when the 49ers are good and after four seasons of pretty shitty football, it seems they are good again (though I am still a little nervous).

49ers Record since 2000
Year Record finish playoffs result
2019 5-0-0 TBD TBD
2018 4-12-0 3rd, NFC West
2017 6-10-0 4th, NFC West
2016 2-14-0 4th, NFC West
2015 5-11-0 4th, NFC West
2014 8-8-0 3rd, NFC West
2013 12-4-0 2nd, NFC West 2-1, Lost NFC Champ
2012 11-4-1 1st, NFC West 2-1, Lost Superbowl
2011 13-3-0 1st, NFC West 1-1, Lost NFC Champ
2010 6-10-0 3rd, NFC West
2009 8-8-0 2nd, NFC West
2008 7-9-0 2nd, NFC West
2007 5-11-0 3rd, NFC West
2006 7-9-0 3rd, NFC West
2005 4-12-0 4th, NFC West
2004 2-14-0 4th, NFC West
2003 7-9-0 3rd, NFC West
2002 10-6-0 1st, NFC West 1-1, Lost NFC Div
2001 12-4-0 2nd, NFC West 0-1, Lost NFC Wild Card
2000 6-10-0 4th, NFC West

This year, it seems to be different for San Francisco. The 49ers are looking like an NFC powerhouse in 2019 and it’s all because of John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan. The GM and head coach, both on six-year deals, have constructed a roster that is full of young, athletic players that like playing together. The 49ers picked up Richard Sherman last off-season, who has also provided veteran leadership and toughness. And sure, it also helps that they got Jimmy Garrapolo from the Patriots for a 2nd round pick. While people might argue that Jimmy G isn’t worth the contract he signed, you can’t argue he isn’t worth a 2nd-round draft pick. There is only one player left from the Harbuagh era and that’s LT Joe Staley, who’s in his 13th season with the 49ers and is a sure-fire Hall of Famer (IMO).

After beating the LA Rams in Week 6, the 49ers are now 5-0 on the season, first in the NFC. The turnaround has been quick and it’s all thanks to the 49ers defense. The 49ers pass rush is aggressive and fast, led by DeForest Buckner, Solomon Thomas, rookie Nick Bosa. New-addition Dee Ford adds even more aggression to the bunch. The 49ers have allowed ten total points in the last two weeks and travel to the hopeless Deadskins in Week 7, who just got their first win today in the “2019 Tank Bowl”. Unless the 49ers shit the bed next week, they will be looking at 6-0 with the Panthers coming to town in Week 8. The 49ers passed a tough test today, but it seems the Rams are not the team from last year, especially without Gurley. The 49ers toughest stretch seems to be about a month from now, Weeks 9-13. The 49ers play the 5-1 Seahawks, get a break against the Cardinals, host the 4-1 Packers, then have to travel to Baltimore to face the Ravens and finally play the 5-1 Saints in New Orleans. These five games will determine who’s the best in the NFC.

7October 20@Washington Redskins
8October 27Carolina Panthers
9October 31@Arizona Cardinals
10November 11Seattle Seahawks
11November 17Arizona Cardinals
12November 24Green Bay Packers
13December 1@Baltimore Ravens
14December 8@New Orleans Saints
15December 15Atlanta Falcons
16December 22Los Angeles Rams
17December 29@Seattle Seahawks

The 49ers are the best team in the NFC at the moment. Will they be the #1 seed come Week 17? I don’t know, but as a proud member of the 49er Faithful … I SURE HOPE SO! It’s been a long time coming for the 49ers, so please … don’t fuck it up.


A heart-broken, but faithful … 49ers Fan.

@rosenthalsports aka Brandon



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  1. Few editing notes; ** 1), and rookie nick bosa. 2) 2019 “tank bowl.”

    Great piece though. I’ve been a niners fan for 17 years and I get the frustrations you go through with the teams recent years performances. This year however, we’re looking primed for 12, 13 wins. Thank the lordssss. ✊🏼 Boutta be the best team in the nfc. Haters gonna hate on us. Like Sherman says “if you thought we were pretenders, keep that same energy.” 😈🤟🏼

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