The Hawks Week 6 NFL Picks

Hello everyone! Thank you for reading NoLimitJumpers first NFL Weekly Picks, written by yours truly Aiden Hawkins (aka. The Hawk). Let me know what y’all think!

Seattle (-1.5) @ Cleveland Browns (+1.5)

After a brutal loss against the San Francisco 49ers on Monday Night Football, many NFL fans are officially OUT on the Cleveland Browns. But, the Browns are just being the Browns. Thier franchise has been the staple of dysfunction and inconsistency for the ladder part of the decade.

Fortunately for Cleveland, they are a young team. Young teams are usually inconstant, but they bounce back quick, which is what I expect you to do this weekend. Seattle’s secondary ranks top 10 in the NFL in Passing Yards allowed per game, and with Cleveland having one of the most talented recieving corps in the League expect them to dominate through the air.

Russell Wilson and the Seahawks passing game has been electric the past few games. Infact Wilson is top 5 in the MVP race, but Cleveland is getting back both of their starting DBs this week. Greedy Williams and Denzel Ward will both be available for Cleveland on Sunday, this is the first game they have played in 3 weeks.

With both defenses struggling as of late, expect a shootout. But, in Browns fashion they will win a tough game and get their season back on track.

Final Score: Cleveland 34 : Seattle 31

Carolina Panthers (-2.5) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+2.5)

Ahh great…another London game…

Surprisingly enough a Bucs VS. Panthers game in London is actually interesting. The Buccaneers offense has been streaky this season, but when they click….they really click. Just two weeks ago, NFL fans were all in on Jamies in the Bucs after a shootout victory over the Rams. Now, they question their compitence against a banged up Panther team.

Carolina’s secondary has been borderline elite this year, ranking 4th in passing yards allowed per game. But, defensive teams tend to struggle in London games. With jet lag and weird practice scheudles, expect the Panthers seconday to struggle. Mike Evans and Chris Godwin will likely have a field day.

Two of Tampas starting offensive lineman are game time decisions, so it will be interesting to see if Carolina can fluster Jamies in the pocket.

The Bucs defense is the definition of average and will likely forfit a ton of yards to workhorse RB Christian Mccaphree. Despite C-Mac having a huge game, Panthers QB Kyle Allen will likely struggle in his first start out of U.S. territory.

With that being said, the Bucs put up big numbers in the passing game and Kyle Allen is the Panthers undoing.

Final score: Carolina 24 : Tampa Bay 34

Washington (-3.5) @ Miami (+3.5)

It’s the NFL annual Trash Bowl.

Both Miami and Washington are winless up to this point in the season, but “Deadskins” Coach Jay Grudden was just canned on Monday. Washington is learning how to run a whole new offense under Interm Coach Bill Callahan…as if Washington didn’t look bad enough as is.

Washington has been implying that Veteran QB, Colt Mcoy, will start instead of Rookie Dwayne Haskins. Mccoy hasn’t won a game since 2017, and has thrown more INTs then TDs in his NFL career.

Dolphins QB Josh Rosen has looked decent this season. It will be interesting to see how he plays against Washington’s terrible defense. This is basically a prove it game for Rosen. Of he can’t put up big numbers against Washington, the Dolphins will basically already have Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa on their roster.

This game is a crap shoot, but Miami will be Miami and do things they aren’t supposed to do…win…

Final Score: Washington 17 : Miami 21

Houston Texans (+4) @ Kansas City Chiefs (-4)

This is arguably the best game of the week. MVP candidate VS. MVP candidate. Why this game wasn’t flexed to Sunday Night Football I will never know.

Anyways…Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes tweaked his ankle last week against the Colts. Though he has been practicing all week I have speculations about his health. He isn’t a mobile QB like Lamar Jackson, but he does rely on his legs to escape pressure. This ankle injury will hold back the Chiefs offense.

Deshaun Watson has been one of the best QBs in the NFL this season. Though he hasn’t had the same level of production as the Russel Wilson’s and Patrick Mahomes’, Watson has looked just as good. He exploded for nearly 500 yards and 4 touchdowns last week. Watson will look to carry that momentum into this week.

Both defenses are extremely average and will likely struggle to hold the opposing teams offense.

The Texans will have another explosive game while the Chiefs take another tough loss at home.

Final Score: Houston 38: Kansas City 31

Philadelphia Eagles (+3) @ Minnesota Vikings (-3.)

I can’t believe I’m picking Kurt Cousins to win a big time game.

After a good showing against the Giants, the Vikings and Kurt Cousins want to keep the momentum going against the Eagles. If the Vikings passing game can get going, they will have an easy game against the Eagles.

Year after year the Eagles secondary is banged up, and this year is no acceptation. Both of Philadelphia’s starting corners are out this week. Essentially, all Kirk Cousins has to do is not throw the ball into the stands and Diggs and Thielen will get open.

It is also important to note that the Vikings front 7 is one of the best in football. Carson Wentz will be under duress all game, which will restrict the streaky Eagles passing game.

Final Score: Vikings 24 : Eagles 20

Those are my big picks of the week. Here are my picks for the rest of this weeks slate:

New Orleans Saints (-3) @ Jacksonville Jaguars (+3)

Final Score: Saint 28 : Jaguars 20

Cincinnati Bengals (+11) @ Baltimore Ravens (-11)

Bengals Cover, Final Score: Bengals 24 : Ravens 31

San Francisco 49ers (+3) @ LA Rams (-3)

Final Score: 49ers 21 : Rams 17

Atlanta Falcons (-2.5) @ Arizona Cardinals (+2.5)

Final Score: Falcons 14 : Cardinals 17

Tennessee Titans (+1.5) @ Denver Broncos (-1.5)

Final Score: Titans 17 : Broncos 10

Dallas Cowboys (-7) @ New York Jets (+7)

Jets Cover, Final Score: Cowboys 24 : Jets 21

Pittsburgh Steelers (+6) @ LA Chargers (-6)

Steelers Cover, Final Score: Steelers 21: Chargers 24

Detroit Lions (+4) @ Green bay Packers (-4)

Final Score: Lions 28 : Packers 17



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