Vets Who Will Make an Impact This Season

With the way the NBA is shaping out this offseason it is one for the record books, due to the amount of high value signings. Aside from the high caliber free-agents, there was a plethora of under the radar players and role players that will make more of an impact heading into this season.

Kyle Korver

Shooting 42% from deep on his career (38% last season), Korver is a prime example of a sharpshooter. He joins a very talented Bucks team surrounding Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kris Middleton, Brook Lopez, George Hill, and Robin Lopez just to name a few. This team is filled with a few solid vets along with an underrated duo in Middleton and Antetokounmpo.

With Korver on the court, Coach Budenholzer can draw up many plays for him, because he’s coached Korver in the last. I expect him to be in the lineup during crunch time due to his ability to stretch the floor, along with Budenholzer’s familiarity and trust with Korver. Korver’s is a guy you can lean on when you need a bucket. Unfortunately, the whole league knows this, but a few screens and a well set up offense can do the trick. A thing overlooked in Korver’s games is his defense. He is quick on his feet and can stay in front of just about any guard in the league.

Vince Carter

With Carter back with the Hawks for his “last season”, it’s clear he isn’t in contention for a championship; but, with a young core in Atlanta with Carter in the locker room goes above and beyond the game of basketball.

Carter is going to be the first player ever to play in four different decades. How he’s been able to shape-his career thus far is unlike any other player in the league. At 42 Carter will see some significant minutes down the stretch for the Hawks. Carter put up 7.4 points, 2.6 rebounds and 1.1 assists a game last season, proving that he’s an impactful role player. Why he chose Atlanta is beyond me, but if the Hawks end up in the playoffs I believe it will be because of Vince Carter.

Joe Johnson

Big 3 sensation Joe Johnson has recently agreed to a deal with the Detroit Pistons. Johnson led the league in scoring for the Big 3 this past summer. His ability to score will help the Pistons in many ways than people realize. Johnson has proved he can be a force in this league even at the age of 38. He has hit multiple game winners in the postseason, he isn’t afraid of the big moment, and he has the ability to slow the game down.

With this Pistons lineup, Johnson can easily be inserted in the starting lineup if not a sixth or seventh man off the bench. Detroit is in need of another scorer and even an aging Johnson can answer that call. The Pistons waived former first round pick Michael Beasley to acquire ISO Joe.

It’s only right to showcase some of the oldest, and skilled players in the league. They might not be appealing on paper in this stage of their careers, but their overall impact on the game along the need to fill a void is the reason they are seen on a roster and Melo is not. Too soon?




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