NoLimitJumper’s NBA 2K20 Review: MyTeam Edition

On September 6th 2019 2KSports released their yearly basketball game, NBA 2K20. 2K20 was by far one of the most anticipated releases in the games history. 2K promised multiple new features and game-play updates, but as 2K fans have played these past few days, we have discovered this was an absolute lie. There have been issues regarding the Rep Bars and Badge Progress freezing, games crashing during and after games being completed, as well as players not receiving their pre-order rewards.  The only mode that hasn’t been extremely broken this year is MyTeam.

  MyTeam is a fantasy game mode where players can accumulate NBA players and legends. They do so by either playing offline modes such as Domination or Offline Triple-Threat, where you earn exclusive cards that cannot be sold. Players can also purchase Packs with VC and pull the best players in those specific packs. They can also buy players with MT from the auction house (which you unlock by collecting cards). Now that you have a better understanding for what MyTeam is, here is my official NBA 2K20 MyTeam review.


Domination is by far the best part of this years NBA 2K game. The last few years domination rewards have been terrible. In NBA 2k19 for ever team you defeated you would receive 3 packs, a player pack which contained a player and 2 random items, a team pack, and a jersey pack. This year, you not only earn the team and jersey items, you earn brand new evolution cards. You can use these cards throughout domination and level them up. Most of these cards have been appearing in most early “god squads”. Evolution players such as Terrance Ferguson, Dzanan Musa, and Isiah Hartenstien are by far the most used out of all the domination rewards.

  Outside of the evolution cards, the overall Domination completion rewards have been upgraded. Last year we received an Amethyst Marc Eaton, Diamond Bernard King, and a Pink Diamond Maurice Lucas. The only player who was used outside of the first month and a half was Marc Eaton, and even still seeing him appear on teams was extremely rare. This year, we actually have usable players. For beating 20’ Domination, you unlock an Amethyst Sam Jones, who is one of the best shooters in the game. For Historic Domination you unlock a Diamond Dale Ellis. Ellis was one of the best shooters last year, and not much has changed. Ellis has a 96 Open shot 3 and is one of the first players with gold Range Extender in the Game. For All-Time Domination, you unlock Pink Diamond Shawn Kemp. Kemp is by far the best Power Forward in the game to his point. He can Dunk, Rebound, and stretch the floor with a 75 open shot 3.

  It is also important to note from all the jerseys, logos, balls, and Evolution Cards you unlock, you can out them into sets and lock those sets for rewards. For the Evolution Cards, you can unlock a Ruby Shaun Livingston and a Ruby Danny Green. For Association uniforms you Unlock a Ruby Morris Peterson and a Ruby Cliff Robinson. For Icon Uniforms you unlock a Ruby Bob Sura and Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf. Finally, for basketballs you unlock a diamond Jerry Stackhouse and Bob Mcadoo.

  So, for completing this year’s domination you receive:

  • 1 Pink Diamond
  • 3 Diamond
  • 1 Amethysts
  • 4 Rubies
  • 38 New Evolution Cards
  • 700 + Tokens
  • 80k + MT

Though there have been issues with players receiving their rewards, the revamped Domination is the best thing about this year’s MyTeam.

MyTeam Unlimited

For those who were hoping that MyTeam Unlimited gameplay has gotten better, it hasn’t. Unlimited this year is as worse as ever. With server issues and exploits, it is borderline unplayable. First off “Algorithm Cheese” is back and better than ever. For those who don’t know what that is, essentially it predetermines the outcome of the game based off of 2Ks Algorithm. There are ways to get around this and still win games, but it allows games to stay close and bad players to hit bad shots. It makes going 12-0 even more difficult than ever before.

Outside of “Algo Cheese”, the position locks are already being exploited. Players have quickly figured out how to sub players into other positions, and there is no real way to counter it. Also, bump steals are happening at an absurd rate. If a player double teams your Point Guard, just start running back on defense because the ball is already in the possession of the doubling defender. The new games speed update has also eliminated the First Quick Step badge on almost all Point Guards.

  The only plus from this years MyTeam mode is the rewards. The first 5 Player of the Months are Larry Bird, Baron Davis, Clyde Drexler, Amar’e Stoudemire, and Dirk Nowitzki. By earning all 5 you ger a Galaxy Opal Julius Erving.

Triple Threat

  Triple Threat has been improved similar to domination. Rewards for both online and off-line triple threat have improved greatly. You can actually earn specific players, where as last year we just had ball drops. This year, for 1000 Triple Threat wins you unlock a Galaxy Opal Dominque Wilkins. Though the mode was revamped, it is still one of the more underwhelming modes in the game.

Final Thoughts

  NBA 2K20s MyTeam mode has the potential to be the best of the franchises tenure. With the introduction of Evolution cards and finally rewarding players who grind off-line. But MyTeam unlimited is border line unplayable. If 2K fixes the online gameplay, MyTeam will become an A+ for me. But with the glaring connection issues, early exploits that have not been addressed, and absurd pack prices, I have to give NBA 2K20’s MyTeam mode a B.



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