NBA 2K20 in a Nutshell

Everyone has been waiting for months for NBA 2K20 to come out and now that it’s here. Due to the release, I haven’t seen much sleep this weekend. If you are fighting sleep to stay up and grind out your player there is not a problem with you; your just a gamer and there is nothing wrong with that. Throughout the course of the weekend, 2k has put their focus on some aspects to our experience … and then there are areas where you wouldn’t know the creators even touched it. 

Let’s get into this review!


The NBA 2K20 Demo was sub par, however the story to the career was amazing. I felt that the story-line was very relatable. It properly depicts what players go through when they are trying to it make to the league. Mastering every facet of basketball from off-the-court conflicts, starting from the very bottom, to getting invited to invitationals, team workouts, etc. You really got what you paid for on this area.

Even after the initial story is over you are consumed with endorsement meetings, press conferences, and reporters and fans trying to get the best of you after a game. The experience never stops and I think 2K hit the nail on the head with this.


A lot have said the neighborhood looks the exact same and I have to respectfully disagree with that bold statement. Although it may appear to look the same, it is different in a lot of ways. Bringing park rep back keeps everyone interested. With this rep you can unlock prizes and emotes. Once you hit a Pro 2, you are able to have access to emblems which 2K has never done before. It’s a little addition that gamers don’t see. These minor changes make the game that much more enjoyable.

With accessories, I’ve found that if you make multiple builds you get to keep your clothes for all builds. This means you don’t have to continuously buy clothes wasting your VC. Everything is saved once you make the initial purchase. Again, another small addition that helps with the enjoyment of this years title.

2K Online

On another and more concerning note this might just be the most disappointing release for a 2K game yet. With the servers acting up, progression being lost, and 2K support hiding in the shadows who can we point the finger at? According to a tweet by Mike Wang (Beluba) he stated that he needs to “stay in his lane” when referring to the recent issues that have sprung up about 2k. A pretty bold statement by a man who is in charge of creating the gameplay. 

What are your thoughts on this year’s 2k? 




6 thoughts on “NBA 2K20 in a Nutshell

  1. I think it’s a lot better than last year and hopefully the servers will get better over time. The gameplay Imo is also much better much more fluid and realistic. I think 2k did rly good

  2. Idk why people are overreacting. I actually like this game, it is high quality, and any game is gonna have issues when it first starts. Gameplay is solid, more skill based than last yr. Overall it is a great game.

  3. I’ve really enjoyed playing this game but it seems the problems are limitless. First of all I haven’t had my name in the box score or on my jersey since launch. The double teams are overwhelming to the point I was getting doubled having only scored twice. As a guard contests are near pointless as a good contest will only be 10 percent covered or under. I love the new features and animations for slashers though.

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