2019 Draftee Comparisons

With the new season coming upon us, there are many interesting stories to look at. Many are gonna be blinded by all the trades and new players signing to different teams. But this draft class was filled with tons of talent. Here are my comparisons.

Zion Williamson

Comp: Larry Johnson

Zion reminds me of a smaller Larry Johnson with the way he finishes around the rim and protects it on defense. With Lonzo Ball on the team, Zion will have many chances to get easy shots and viscous alley oops consistently.

Ja Morant

Comp: Russell Westbrook

Ja said Russell was his favorite player, and you can definitely see comparisons. He is ridiculously athletic and has a great Basketball IQ, and when needed, he can force buckets at will, He will basically have the reigns to the Grizzlies so look for him to have a great year.

R.J. Barrett

Comp: Carmelo Anthony

When Zion was out, R.J. was putting up points at ridiculous rates. The lefty can put buckets up at will. He is a great player, but has a weak defensive game. He shoots 30% from 3 and 67% from the line. If he can become more efficient and better defensively he could be what the knicks need.

De’Andre Hunter

Comp: Robert Covington

De’Andre Hunter is one of those type of players which any team would like. He plays great defense and can hit the three. He shot a great 44% from three and shot 52% overall. When I say he is Robert Covington, I’m saying his later years with Philly. Where he played great defense and was a great scorer off ball. For a Young Atlanta Squad this could be a great piece.

Darius Garland

Comp: Nick Van Exel

Darius Garland is a Guard who was a no show for most of last year, so going off of previous knowledge and the small sample we got. He is a good scorer off dribble, but he lacks Point Guard “Skills”. Being less of a passer and defender. Which has much room for improvement. When he was drafted people said they were trying to become the Portland of the east, and it may work out that way.

Those are my comparisons of the Top 5 Picks of the 2019 NBA Draft! Let me know your opinions on the list and if you disagree who is their closest comparison!

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