Dwight Howard’s journey back to LA

When former all-star Dwight Howard clears waivers, we will be signing a contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, making him a Laker for the second time in his career. Howard spent the first eight years of his career with the Orlando Magic, and he was a star. Dwight averaged 18.4 points and 13 rebounds with the Magic, and was an all-star in six of those eight seasons. In 2012, a four team trade was completed which ultimately sent Howard to the Lakers. After losing in the Western Conference semi-finals the year before, the Lakers thought that acquiring a big star like Howard would put them in to the realm of championship contention. 

Long story short, the Lakers were wrong. While a team with Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, and Dwight Howard sounds very good, the Lakers only went 45-37, and got swept by the Spurs in the first round of the playoffs. After a short and underwhelming stint with the Lakers, Howard signed with the Houston Rockets where he paired up with another All-Star shooting guard in James Harden. Howard played well with the Rockets, averaging a double-double each of the three years he was there, but the Rockets failed to make the finals … and it was on to Dwight’s next chapter.

Howard has spent the last three season with the Hawks, Hornets and most recently the Wizards. Howard only played nine games due to injury issues, and will be 33 years old when this season starts. The Wizards traded him to the Memphis Grizzlies in July, and the Grizzlies have since bought out his contract, making him a free agent. Howard will sign a one year non-guaranteed contract with the Lakers, and he will join another generational superstar in LeBron James. This is a different Dwight Howard then the first time he was a Laker. Howard is older, and his talent level, while he still can be productive, has gone down significantly. In his second chance to be in Los Angeles, will Dwight Howard get a Hollywood ending?




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