NBA 2k20 Demo Review

Ain’t no game able to take away all your time and concentration like NBA 2k. With the Demo releasing yesterday I was able to get in a good 5 hours of gameplay, and experience. You might be asking how can o have all of this? It’s simple, I digested the new my player builder with an open mind looking all variations. There was a lot to take in this year.

I can see where some of you might get confused as the builder system was compiled with pie charts, attribute grids, and upgrade points. The pie chart was a great addition and while some may argue that it looks the same it isn’t. This is a huge improvement to the game as it lets us get accustomed to a triple archetype system. You  want to make sure the build is comfortable and something you see yourself playing as in 2k20. They give you six chances, hoping that you will take full advantage of the Demo as it is short.

Truthfully, giving us one game to test out our potential build isn’t enough. If they added a mini showcase (three games) it would fair better with gamers. On the contrary 2k can never get this right as past two years; the  ‘prelude’ has been too long. As I mentioned in my last article take your time with it because it isn’t a race. I spent a lot of time on the demo because every attribute, badge, etc. needs my full attention. 

On another note how much control do we actually have? The Pie Charts are basically our build types, but with no name to make us feel that we are in control. Although, the charts are a better diagram of making a build should look like from the jump. 

When they say no two players will have the same build that’s simply a lie. How many of you got the following builds? :

Glass Cleaning Lock Down

Two Way Sharpshooter

Facilitating Finisher

Glass Cleaner

Interior Finisher

Two Way Pass First Wing

Paint Beast

Those are only some of the builds that have been a common denominator so far during the demo. I see that 2k didn’t stick to their word this year in that regard. I mean are you surprised? 

On another note, the Demo is short and there’s no denying that fact. Although the six builds are nice you get one game to play and then its followed by anger when you realize you have to wait another three weeks for the game to drop. 

What did you think of the Demo? Did 2k take a W or an L? Follow NoLimitJumper to stay up to date with all NBA 2k updates.



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