How Good Can Philly Be?

This offseason has been interesting for Philly, the lost some pieces but gained some in return. They were taken very serious last year with four all star type players, along with JJ Redick who is a great offensive talent. They were looking to be in the finals, until Kawhi Leonard came around; Ended their season on the most ridiculous shot ever.

What did they do this offseason, well they lost Jimmy Butler, but got Josh Richardson. Obviously talent wise, they lost a lot, but they are also losing a large ego which made it easier to keep Ben Simmons as the main facilitator. Josh Richardson who replaces JJ Redick, is an athletic shooter who is young. Then they signed former Celtics Big Al Horford, who gives them great defense and overall offensive playmaking. What do we think of them, are they better or worse now?

On my Instagram @NoLimitPeasleyyyy, I asked the team to rank the Atlantic Division. Most people said the 76ers were the best, and I most definitely agree. They in all reality improved, overall they got players who can play with Joel Embiid and Simmons. Richardson doesn’t need the ball to be good and Horford can help in every part of the game. I also think this past season was good for Brett Brown, I like him as a coach.

I see the 76ers going to the ECF at the very least this upcoming year, and if the Bucks take a step back they will be my favorite for the finals in the east. Now are they good enough to get a championship? I would say no, but it really depends on how they mesh when it comes down to the last part of the season. They need to figure out if Tobias can be their Shot maker down the stretch, which I don’t see at this point in time.

Do You Agree with my take on Philly? Do you think they could be finals bound? Let me know, and follow my instagram @NoLimitPeasleyyyy.

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