JMan’s 2k Tips: Things To Expect Heading into the Demo

With the demo for 2k20 rapidly approaching, the confusion and nerves are getting the best of us.

With the Demo coming out at 11 AM. EST tomorrow I wanted to clear up any confusion and give you some insight on just what you can expect heading into the Demo. This however isn’t actually how the Demo will go just a take on what it’s sounding like according to 2k themselves.

Testing Your Build

2k is giving us the ability to have complete control over what we make this year. From my knowledge and what 2k has stated is we will be hand-picking our own takeover and badges that cater to the play style of our choosing. When developing a build take your time as I’m sure everyone will be looking at the my player screen for hours. With this much control and not being finessed into a build that isn’t ‘comfortable’  some might not even know what to do with this much power.

Playing as a 99

Another new and innovative way to ensure you will have the best 2k  experience is playing with the build at every overall, including a 99; something not all gamers have experienced before. 2k wants us to get the full ride before we make that decision which will determine a lot for gamers. 

With badges only some will have the option of being upgraded to Hall of Fame, depending on what skill or skills you tend to lean toward. My advice to gamers out there is to take your time this year and don’t rush to get to the end. After all it is your build and 2k20 will separate the skill levels rather quickly as the control is in our hands this time around. If your like me I go through every cutscene, and will be taking my sweet time making a build this year. 

Let me know how your Demo experience went by following NoLimitJumper and joining the journey!



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