5 Tips To Consider When Making A Build

With the prelude for NBA 2k20 nearly weeks away from making its debut, making a build is always difficult, no matter which way you look at it. You spend all summer thinking about the build you want only to switch it up right before the game comes out. Here are some tips to consider when you are sitting on the prelude come August 21st. 

Don’t Listen to 2k: I say this with a great deal of confidence because when 2k is hyping up a specific build it often doesn’t turn out that way. You can find yourself not being an impactful piece on the court or find that your play-style doesn’t fit any team you come across. Making a ‘Shot Creating Post Scorer’ was my biggest mistake. You often hear “post scorers are legit” and “post scorers are the best build to have in this game”, yet can you name five post scoring builds at the PF? No, because everyone will praise it but not everyone will make it. Have you ever heard someone say that 2k was right? That should be the first thing that comes to mind when considering a build.

Decisions Made Early End Poorly: If you already have your mind made up you are one step behind. It’s August and rarely any build information has been released. You hear that Lockdowns will be OP again and run to that build. Take your time with your decision because at the end of the day you are the one continuously throwing money into the game. Do you really want to end up like half the 2k population and have three builds made with only two weeks into the game?

Make What’s Comfortable To You: If you are on a Pro-Am Team like myself, you’ve had a handful of conversations with the squad about possible builds for the new season. You want to make a build that best fits the team yes, but also what makes you the most comfortable. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ll see a point guard or small forward and instantly know how uncomfortable they are with the build with the way the move on the court. Find your niche, and find your pathway to success. 

Adapt To The Game: If you are a 2k head then you will know that 2k changes every year in ways you might hate. Will that deter you from playing the game? If it does, then 2k isn’t the game for you and we will see you guys rage after a week of gameplay. The difference between being an average player and a great one is one’s ability to adjust and move forward with the game. Honestly, I’ll be the first one to say 2k is trash, but if you think for one second I’m going to stop playing you have another thing coming. Feel 2k out, patches will come out, and give yourself time to get used to the flow of the game. 

Do Your Research: It is important to know the build you have in mind. Do your research and figure out the best wingspan, weight, and height that lines up with attributes and caps that best fit your build. The last thing you want is a slow guard or a weak big to start off the year. Be patient and take your time with finding the right build for you. Luckily with the prelude it allows you to experiment with multiple builds before actually diving into the story. Use that to your advantage. 

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