2020 NBA Free Agency Preview

The 2019 NBA off-season has been one of the best and most fun summers in recent memory. Big name free agents changed teams and so many trades and signings that your head started to spin. Now that the water is still, it’s a great time to look ahead to next summer, 2020. As awesome as this summer was, 2020 NBA Free Agency doesn’t look like it will get 90% on rotten tomatoes. The best players available will likely just re-sign large deals with their current teams and while the rest of players available are still difference makers, there are no superstars in the bunch … at least not yet.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the best players that could be available in the 2020 NBA off-season:

1. Anthony Davis, Lakers

Status: Player-Option

Though he’s technically number 1, I believe it’s safe to say that Anthony Davis will opt-out In 2020 just to re-sign a massive deal with the LA Lakers. The Brow will stay by the beach and appear in documentaries with LeBron for the next few seasons.

2. Paskal Siakam, Raptors

Status: Restricted Free Agent

Siakam is a RFA in 2020 and all indications are that the Raptors will re-sign Siakam to a long-term deal, especially in Kawhi’s absense. Siakam may not be Kawhi, but he has a better personality.

3. Mike Conley, Jazz

Status: Early-Termination Option

The Jazz just acquired Conley from the Grizzlies and it looks like it should be a good fit, but there is an out. Conley can opt out in 2020 if he sees fit, though I don’t see him giving up $34.5 million, but I’ve been wrong before.

4. Brandon Ingram, Pelicans

Status: Restricted Free Agent

The former number-two pick is already up for a pay day in 2020, and the jury is still out on him. Ingram has all the tools to get it done, but will the Pelicans want to pay him big money? Does anyone?

5. Andre Drummond, Pistons

Status: Player-Option

Drummond is interesting because he’s still a fantastic rebounder and plays with a ton of energy. The problem is he is too inconsistent on offense, oh and he could make $29 million if he opts in. Can he get more than that on the open market? Al Horford just did.

6. DeMar DeRozan, Spurs

Status: Player-Option

DeRozan is still a very good player, a borderline All-Star, and could make $28 million if he opts in for ‘20/21. However, looking at the current market, DeRozan could be the most coveted free agent out there.

7. Jaylen Brown, Celtics

Status: Restricted Free Agent

Brown fits into the Stevens scheme well, and plays for Team USA, so it’s hard to imagine the C’s not signing him to a long-term deal. I could see another team making a max offer just to make the Celtics make a decision sooner than they may want to.

8. Kyle Lowry, Raptors

Status: Unrestricted Free Agent

NBA-Champion Kyle Lowry will also be the highest paid player on the 2020 market at $33 million. While he will probably get nowhere near that in his next deal, Lowry can still be incredibly valuable, and at 34-years old, he might be a bargain.

9. Danilo Gallinari, Thunder

Status: Unrestricted Free Agent

Gallo will be a UFA in 2020 and can sign anywhere he chooses. Gallinari has been traded a few times in his career, so hopefully he can find a home for the next few years. Gallinari is still 6’10”, can still shoot the ball, and will be only be 31 next summer.

10. Otto Porter, Bulls

Status: Player-Option

Porter had a good run with the Bulls since being traded to them last season. He averaged 17.5 in 15 games, so at the moment, it seems Porter will remain in the Windy City. The $28 million player-option for ’20/21 is important because if things don’t go well in Chi-town, Porter has an exit plan.

11. Buddy Hield, Kings

Status: Restricted Free Agent

Hield had a fantastic season last year and is looking to build off of that in 2019/20. Even though he is fantastic, Hield might not even be a free agent when the time comes. I expect the Kings to get the deal done before this season even ends. There is a chance he hits the market, but the chemistry he has with Fox is unique and should not be taken for granted.

12. Domantas Sabonis, Pacers

Status: Restricted Free Agent

Sabonis is blossoming into a fantastic young player, and is the Pacers best scorer without Oladipo. Sabonis is coming off career-high in points and rebounds last season and if he keeps improving at this rate, the Pacers will have to bring out the check book to keep him.

13. Montrezl Harrell, Clippers

Status: Unrestricted Free Agent

Harrell posted career-highs in minutes, points and rebounds last year and became a real difference maker for the Clippers. He can dunk, set picks, play defense, and catch alley-oops … so he is set for a big payday in 2020.

14. Dejounte Murray, Spurs

The Spurs like to usually get things done quietly, so if Murray continues the trend he was on before his injury, he will probably sign during the season. However, there is a chance he makes it to free agency, and he will generate plenty of buzz there.

15. Caris LeVert, Nets

Status: Restricted Free Agent

LeVert is another player with some injury history, but there is so much potential and fight in this young man. LeVert has improved his stats and game each season he’s been in the league and if the Nets let him go when KD returns, he will most likely be a bargain for whoever ends up with him.

16. Bogdan Bogdanović

Status: Restricted Free Agent

The Kings will have to back up their own brinks truck in 2020 in order to keep their team together. Bogdanović has been very impressive in his two NBA seasons but will be 27 in next summer, which is not the average age of a two-year vet. Bogdan can shoot the three and is great at getting to the rim but if he gets lost in the Buddy Hield shuffle, another team could make a big offer.

17. Goran Dragić

Status: Unrestricted Free Agent

Dragić will be a month away from turning 34 when 2020 free agency rolls around, but veteran point guard still has plenty left in the tank. Dragić is still skilled guard, a decent-enough shooter, and if used correctly, can be a great spark plug. His days of scoring 20+ every night may be over, but he can be very valuable to a contender.

18. Fred VanVleet

Status: Unrestricted Free Agent

Fred VanVleet’s value could not be higher and due to the fact that he was a second-round pick and not a first-rounder, FVV gets an earlier payday than other third year players. VanVleet had a pretty good regular season, but exploded in the Finals, averaging 14 ppg and draining 16 shots from deep. He has a chance to earn a lot of money if he keep up that trend in ’19/20.

19. Gordon Hayward

Status: Player-Option

While this might be the longest of all long-shots, Hayward can opt-opt. GH has a $34 million player-option in 2020, and while there is no indication he will not accept that option, there is a chance he could test the market. If Hayward has a bounce-back year and looks like ‘Utah Hayward’, he might see if he can get more guaranteed cash via free agency.

20. Marc Gasol

Status: Unrestricted Free Agent

Marc Gasol will be 35 when free agency 2020 hits and will most likely be looking to sign on with a contender as a backup big-man. Gasol is still obviously a large man and if he stays lean like he’s been, he can stay valuable. Gasol will have made more than $150 million in his career, so I think Marc will be a very valuable big-man at a bargain.




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