Don’t Let 2k Dictate the Build you Make

Anyone else sitting by the window daydreaming about what build they want to make in 2k20? These next two months will feel like the longest months of our lives, but people often stay lost in that daydream and fail to see the bigger picture.

What do I mean? Being prepared for the next 2k is almost impossible. We are too busy wondering what Ronnie is up too then being open minded. All these wish lists and rumors deterring your mindset in a certain way that it all eats at you and then you sit there by the window depressed.

Don’t be fooled by NBA 2k20.

The biggest question every year is what builds will 2k cater towards? Is it shooting? Defense? Slashing? Who knows. What people don’t do is trust your gut. Something that set me back in 2k19.

I made phone calls to teammates, studied builds, and even digested all of the gameplay before the game came out last year. I had my build in mind and remember talking on the phone with my teammate about it. “Bro you need to stick with that build,” he said. “You should’ve made that build last year”. That build was a slashing stretch four.

Thought I had my mind set; even went through the prelude with that build. Then I had a change of heart. I noticed that 2k19 was huge on builds with shot creating and post scoring. When I looked at the car facts the badges, attributes, and wingspan all checked out for me. At the last second I changed to a Shot Creating Post Scorer and tried not to look back.

Being in a team Pro Am setting I found that the build didn’t work and that we were either too small or we didn’t have the right lineup on the court. More importantly, I didn’t feel comfortable with the build, and by the time I realized this I was a 91 with all my badges. 

My advice to everyone is trust your gut. The last thing you need is to create multiple builds trying to play catch up with your friends. Make the build that YOU feel most comfortable with, not the build that 2k tells you to make.

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