Things To Look Out For In 2k20

With 2k20 just months away how many of you can’t wait to start grinding out your character or hitting the play now with the new look NBA teams? With some leaked footage of the game here are a few things that will more than likely be in the game.

Bench Reaction: This may be small, but having your bench react to a high flying dunk or a great play makes the game that much better. If they implement it into the career mode it makes the mode that much more enjoyable for everyone. This is ultimately an addition that we have never seen before because in recent 2ks the bench you’d be lucky if the bench even reacted to fly!

Shot Meter: From the gameplay I witnessed the shot meter presented itself similar to 2k17 being under the player instead of above them. Now, with this addition you do have the option to switch the meter to wherever you feel most comfortable, but if you liked the way 2k17’s shot meter ran than why change it at all? I personally like the meter below the player because it doesn’t distract my form.

Contest System: This is a crucial part to the 2k experience because if you center your gaming around Rec and Pro Am it changes everything. Ever wonder why your teammates force bad shots, but swear they were open? Well with the new contest system it will tell you the percent of how covered you are when you shoot. It now forces players to be smart with the basketball a lot more than previous 2ks. Now if you consistently shoot  50-60% covered shots you will be exposed. Just another tool to help alleviate or cut out the cancers to your squad.

Take Over and Grand Badge?: There’s been talk about bringing the grand badge back for players who aren’t skilled enough to acquire takeover in a game. If you are new to 2k and don’t know what the Grand Badge looks like or what it does let me break it down for:

  • Appears on the bottom of your character
  • Complete achievements in MyCareer to get it
  • For a short period of time whatever your main build is you will get a boost in that specific category

Now, it isn’t set in stone if both will make an appearance on the game, but both are different in their ways. It is also up for debate which is harder to obtain because it took me a few months back in the day to get the grand badge and with takeover you get it by your progression of play throughout the game

Park Affiliations: The Park affiliations are back and this will make a lot of gamers happier with putting more emphasis back into the Park mode. Look at the two different covers with Dwayne Wade and Anthony Davis. Notice how the AD cover’s background looks like Old Town and the D Wade cover’s background is a spitting image of Sunset. Get excited to all you park players because the rep system and parks are back


New Badges (Including a Shot Contest badge; similar to Deep Range Deadeye)

More control of what you do with your build in the sense of what you want upgraded on your character. Probably will lean toward the dual archetype system because having triple archetypes defeats the purpose of builds being replicated and competitive. By looking at the “NEXT” slogan on the cover 2k is taking this ‘Next Level’ aspect seriously and this alludes to my point of why I believe that builds will be more unique.

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