One on One with Tyler Desrosiers

Agawam, MA—- Agawam Alum Tyler Desrosiers has been on a journey that many kids today would dream of. Desrosiers who is just 23 years of age has played through three levels of basketball and has experienced a laundry list of achievements. 

It all started in a small town of Agawam that holds a home to 30,000 people. “I was born and raised in Agawam” Desrosiers said. “I grew up knowing that basketball was the sport for me”. Desrosiers who had been a four year varsity player broke records during his tenure at Agawam High. “As a junior I scored 1,000 points”. Desrosiers said. “Never imagined hitting the record, but once I knew I was in reach I went for it”. Looking back on his days as a highschool kid, Desrosiers had an opportunity to leave Agawam. “I’d talk with guys who played for West Springfield at like 2 in the morning about playing with them” Desrosiers said. “I knew in my heart i’d never leave”.  

After Highschool, the shifty guard took his talents to Post University. “I got the offer around winter break of my senior year” Desrosiers explained with relief. “I was happy a division II school offered me and told my mom about it and took it”. During his time he went through some coaching changes. “My first two years I had a great coach and ended up leading the team in scoring” Desrosiers stated. “Once my junior year came a new coach was brought in and things changed”. He went through the summer debating on if coming back was worth it. “Like my situation in agawam I knew leaving wasn’t in my vocabulary” He said. “I was going to give this coach a chance”. Through his time at Post Desrosiers learned a lot about himself as a person on and off the court. “Coming in I thought I knew everything” He laughed. “I was getting in trouble off the court and that sometimes translated off the court”. 

Playing at Post University got him an offer from a team in Marbella Spain where he had a tough transition in his first day overseas. “That first day I had major jet lag” Desrosiers said. “I thought when I landed I would have time to get some sleep, but I had to meet the coaches, my teammates, and had practice as well”. Living away from his family, fiance, and friends was tough for Desrosiers, but he found a balance. “Some Days I wouldn’t leave my apartment” Desorisers emphasized. “As I got adjusted it got easier and I soaked it all in being in Spain”.  

Desrosiers became the 13th player in school history to record 1,000-career points and finished his career third all-time with 1,492 points. He is also the Eagles’ all-time leader in made three pointers with 269. He is the first Post men’s basketball player to earn all-conference honors three straight years since Ron Christy achieved the feat from 2002-04. “To be up their in school history is something that I will take with me to my grave” Desrosiers said. “It is a true honor in every sense of the word”.

Desrosiers just came off of a hot season averaging 28.6 ppg and 8.5 asg, but he only made $700/month. “The pay wasn’t great, but the experience was well worth it” Desrosiers said. Coming from a small town in Agawam, basketball wasn’t the best sport they had, but for Desrosiers he made it a lifestyle. “I wanted to make a name for myself and always work hard because no one else was doing what I was” Desrosiers stated. “To see where i’ve come from being a cocky freshman in highschool to traveling overseas is just amazing”. 

“It’s funny because i would read about myself on the teams website” Desrosiers said laughing. “I never knew what was said…I had to ask one of my teammates who spoke spanish”. The language barrier was a constant struggle for Desrosiers especially in that first week. “I can remember his blank expression the first day of practice” Teammate Juan Rivera said. “One thing he could do was play…ad he played hard”.

“The speed and the competition of the game stands out the most” Desrosiers said explaining the difference between highschool, college, and professional basketball. “I start to see guys put the work in and it motivates me to get better on my craft”. Currently he is playing for a semi-pro team in Western Mass after he made the decision to leave Spain. “I spoke with management and we chose to go our separate ways” Desrosiers said. “If an offer comes further down the line it comes’.

“Tyler has always been the type of player to take over a game” Agawam Head Coach David Federico said. “Ever since he was in 6th grade I knew he was a star” It seemed like everywhere Desrosiers went to play basketball everyone talked very highly of him. “The kid has a great work ethic” Post University Head Coach John Henderson stated. “He respects authority and is very coaciable and that’s all you can ask out of a player with his skill set”.

Desrosiers isn’t a one dimensional player, adding some more attributes to his craft. “So many people just think I can shoot” Desrosiers said. “I’m much more than just a shooter…I love to pass the rock”. 

His mom couldn’t be more proud of what Desrosiers has accomplished so far. “He always outworked everyone and had the best attitude when he would come off the court knowing the game was lost” His mom said about Desrosiers. “I will never stop believing in my son”. 

The ongoing journey is still in the works for Desrosiers. “I’m still trying to play basketball” Desrosiers said. “I’m still chasing that dream”. Currently Desrosiers plays for a Semi-Pro team in the Western Mass area until he hears back from his team in Spain. “Since i pulled out of my contract it will be a waiting game to hear back from other teams” Desrosiers said. “I’m confident in my work I put on and off the court, so if an offer comes i’ll jump right on it”. 




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