JMan’s 2k Tips: NBA 2k20 Wish List

How many of you have been over 2k19? A lot of you I’m guessing. I haven’t played 2k19 in a few months, but I’m still very fond of the game I used to spend hours on. With 2k20 rearing its head around the corner; I hope Ronnie2k and the team can take some of these new ideas into consideration. More often than not the game has had its ups and downs and no matter which way you look at it, everyone will have their own critiques on the game. Here’s mine:

Challenge Calls: If you follow my instagram page I spoke briefly on this. We see instant replay analysis a lot more today than we ever have before. It creates an innovative way at the overall outcome of a game and it could settle some of those 2k frustrations we all encountered at one point in our lives. 

Pro Am- I feel as though that this addition would be crucial in a Pro Am setting. Ever wonder why a play went a certain way or threw your controller because 2k said it was out of bounds, but you just knew it didn’t? Implement a system where when the game reaches the two minute mark you have the option to overrule a referee’s call. 

On the contrary, we also need to have the ref look into the game winning shot like they do in  play now. Let’s start making our own decisions when we play 2k not the other way around. We can all save our sanity by implementing this.

Co-Op Career Mode: I can’t begin to tell you how many days I’ve spent looking for five to run with and having to go into the career by myself. Now, 2k wants its gamers to be more attached to the career mode because that is where the rep is right? Well, why not make it a multiplayer mode where you can gain experience or just eliminate that lag time trying to find a 5th. Will this be difficult to implement? Sure it will, but it’s better than having to go through a bunch of cut scenes and a pointless story mode isn’t it?

My Team: This game mode is either a hit or miss with me due to the fact that MT is nearly impossible to gain. Take me back to the days where you could purchase players using VC. In a business mind set this makes the most sense because more than half of 2k population spend their money on VC. Now, let’s take this a step further; Have us be able to trade players with friends or even the community. Give us the option to put players on the block and then we can evaluate every trade package that comes our way. Make the mode that much more attractive to the audience. 

All-Star Team Up: Before Pro Am and Park this mode was a lot of fun. Did you know that you could pick regular teams before when playing online instead of playing with all stars? Ahh yes the 2k10, and 2k11 days were the best ones. 

Continuing my point, I believe if you give us the choice to choose what players we use on regular NBA teams there would be a lot more competition and gamers to purchase the game.

Career Mode (Part Two): I want to be able to go through the whole process of getting into the league. Do I want to go through high school, college, or even high school ? No I don’t 

I’m talking about playing one game of the combine, then going straight to the draft. By then you would have built up your draft stock or your performance could’ve been terrible where you might not even be drafted. 

The 2k community wants the game to be more realistic right? Why not make the story mode non predictable and make it where you have to play good or else you won’t get that summer league invite or sent to the G-League to work your way up to a 10-day contract or a roster spot. The more I write this the more I’m thinking about how 2k11 was set up. You had to go through the summer league, training camp, etc. Poor performance and you’d be sent down to the G-League 

Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself but what would you like to see on 2k20? Follow me on Instagram 




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